3 Day Express, 6 Day Turbo, and 90 Day Transformation

*All of our Quick Weight Loss Programs (3 Day, 6 Day, and 90 Day Plans) combine exercise performed in a chair with a healthy eating plan for quick, safe weight loss while maintaining energy levels and keeping up your metabolism.

Chair-A-Cise 3 Day Express Program: This program is designed for quick, safe weight loss while maintaining energy levels and keeping your metabolism soaring. While individual results vary, most 3 day program participants can successfully lose weight and some inches with the program. Exercise and eating guide included.

Chair-A-Cise 6 Day Turbo Program: By following this 6 day program correctly, you can achieve that last bit of weight and inch loss in time for that class or family reunion, wedding or date. Start today and next week you can see results. Exercise and eating guide included.

Chair-A-Cise Quick Weight Loss Platinum Package includes: Chairacise Platinum Series DVD, Chair-A-Cise 3 Day Express Quick Weight Loss Plan, Chair-A-Cise 6 Day Turbo Quick Weight Loss Plan, and the 90 Day Total Transformation Plan. Also, included is a nutritional guide designed for safe, quick, weight loss. Plans include step by step blueprint of how to use your Chair-A-Cise DVDs to transform and sculpt your body. Weight loss plans sent by e-book and DVD by mail. $79.99

Chair-A-Cise’s Satisfaction policy allows you to evaluate your purchase for up to 90 days. If you’re not satisfied, return DVD(s) for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

*Warning: Do not use this plan if you have high blood pressure or a heart ailment of any kind. Please consult your healthcare professional before beginning this eating program, particularly if you have diabetes for any adjustments/suggestions they may have. On the eating plans if you feel low on energy, lagging in your workouts, or have problems concentrating double up on your daily snacks. Do not starve yourself.

Quick Weight Loss Program results will vary depending on the user’s gender, weight, intensity and adherence to eating plan. Make sure to check out our gallery and testimonials page to view the impressive results possible with Chair-A-Cise Quick Weight Loss Packages.

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All of our Quick Weight Loss Programs (3 Day, 6 Day, and 90 Day Plans) combine exercise performed in a chair with a healthy eating plan for quick, safe weight loss while maintaining energy levels and keeping up your metabolism.

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“In July of 2010, I experienced severe headaches and fatigue. After visiting my doctor, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. This diagnosis made me more determine to lose weight. The doctor told me if I loss 20 lbs he would take me off the blood pressure medicine.

I met with Daryl on Sunday, October 24 to begin the chair-a-cise program weighing 255lbs. I was committed to the quick weight loss program and wanted to follow up with the 10 week plan. At the end of ten weeks, I had lost a total of 30lbs and over 25 inches!

I was already exercising so the exercise piece came very easy for me; however Chair-a-cise was very challenging for me. The meal plans are great and very doable. I ate regular food including fruit, vegetables and snacks. I was rarely hungry and sometimes found it challenging to get all my meals and snacks in. The meals are not like a diet but a change in lifestyle.

Daryl has created a gold mine with Chair-a-cise and is a great trainer and motivator. I would recommend Chair-a-cise to anyone wishing to lose weight or just exercise on a regular basis. I have completed my Quick weight loss and 10 week program and I continue to follow the meal plan as well as exercise daily.

Today I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing. Thanks Daryl”

“I had hit a plateau with my 45 minute high intensity walks 4 times a week. I had nice strong legs, but was still having problems with fat – especially belly fat. I started adding in chair-a-cise once or twice a day and also incorporated the chair-a-cise quick weight loss diet plan. In 3 days I could really see and feel a difference! Chair-a-cise makes a great morning/evening workout. It’s also handy for when I can’t get to the gym or out for a walk/run. I really like how it works all body areas and includes cardio and strength. I had very weak upper body strength and chair-a-cise is really making a difference.”

“Love the diet. I’ve lost 6 pounds and 3 inches off my stomach. Not hungry nor craving sweets.”
Duluth, Ga.

“Just measured for results. Loss of 7.5 pounds and 4.5 inches”
Gwinnett, Ga.

“Ok, I have lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks, 3 more this week.”

“I lost, 4lbs 3.4 Inches. WoW!”
Decatur, GA

“I lost 14 pounds on the weight loss program and I am back to my size I was 10 years ago. I Feel Great!!!!!”

“I must admit that I was skeptical but when at the end of the plan I saw I had lost over 10 pounds, I was a believer! CHAIR-A-Cise really works!”
Powder Springs, Georgia

“I am a 45 year old male with limited mobility. CHAIR-A-Cise has given me the ability to workout again! I feel better about myself and it shows in my attitude and my clothes!”
Decatur, Georgia 

“I lost 14 pounds using the CHAIR-A-Cise Weight Loss Exercise and Meal Plan!”
Atlanta, Georgia