Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chair-A-Cise?

Chair-A-Cise is a series of instructional workout DVD’s that provide you with the first and only comprehensive fitness routine from a chair!

Who can benefit from Chair-A-Cise exercises?

chair exercise routine

Chair-A-Cise was developed to be a workout program that can benefit anyone, no matter what their age or fitness ability. Because all exercises are performed while seated, Chair-A-Cise is perfect for beginners, people who are overweight, children, and people with lower body injuries/pain (including knees, feet, ankles, lower back etc.) With added hand weights, Chair-A-Cise workouts also benefit fit people and athletes looking to switch up their exercise routine; and because it can be performed anywhere, Chair-A-Cise is a great alternative for people with busy schedules who have no time to visit the gym.

How can an athletic person get an effective workout while sitting in a chair?

Because Chair-A-Cisers are seated while performing the exercises, more focus is placed on the muscles and movements – providing targeted and intense muscle strength training. During a Chair-A-Cise workout, you are always moving and employing a broad range of motion – providing users with an effective cardio workout as well.

What makes Chair-A-Cise different than other exercise programs out there?

Chair-A-Cise is different because you can go at your own pace. It is the first and only workout DVD series that gives you the ability to lose weight, burn fat, tone your muscles and core, and improve your strength and cardio all while seated in a chair.

How can the intensity of Chair-A-Cise workouts be increased?

Chair-A-Cise DVDs give you the option of increasing your own pace in order to maximize your individual workout experience. Added hand weights incorporated with the Chair-A-Cise exercises can increase intensity and push you to your limits, no matter what your fitness ability.

Who created Chair-A-Cise?

Chair-A-Cise was the created by Daryl Madison, ACE certified personal trainer and founder of Lifestyle Fitness.

What different workout programs does Chair-A-Cise offer?

Four different Chair-A-Cise programs are currently offered: the original Chair-A-Cise program is a combination of aerobics and strength training, all while sitting in a chair. Chair-A-Cise 2 is an amped up version of the original Chair-A-Cise program. Chair-A-Cise Abs targets your core and abdominal muscles. Chair-A-Cise Turbo is a shorter, more intense version of the original Chair-A-Cise, perfect for people with busy lifestyles. You can purchase each DVD individually, or the entire series for a discounted rate.

Where can I purchase Chair-A-Cise DVD’s?

The entire series of Chair-A-Cise DVDs can be purchased quickly and easily directly through this website. Visit our order page and follow the simple instructions. At Chair-A-Cise, we use Pay Pal for all purchases to ensure a safe and reliable transaction every time.

What is the mission of Chair-A-Cise?

To provide a video workout that is a safe, effective way of reaching individual fitness goals, regardless of your age, health, or any other obstacles.

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