What is Chair-A-Cise?

Chair-A-Cise is a series of instructional workout DVD’s that provide you with the first and only comprehensive fitness routine from a chair!

Chair-A-Cise was developed as an exercise routine for everyone. Although each exercise is performed in a seated position with added options to include weights, Chair-A-Cise progresses into an intense strenuous workout for even the most fit and seasoned athletes.chair aerobics exercises

Chair-A-Cise was developed by Daryl Madison, founder of Lifestyle Fitness and an ACE certified personal trainer. In the tapes, Daryl guides you through each exercise, delivering a safe and effective workout for all. Even people with lower body issues/injuries and overweight people that cannot stand for long periods of time can get a great workout and lose weight.

Daryl Madison, owner of Lifestyle Fitness & Creator of Chair-A-Cise:

“Chair-A-Cise was developed because most people I spoke with had similar complaints when it came to exercising…’I don’t have time…I’m too tired…I have kids and feel guilty going to the gym after being at work all day.’ I have heard all of the excuses, and many of them are valid! But regardless of your reason for not exercising, Chair-A-Cise is your answer to losing weight and/or improving your health.”

Chair-A-Cise is Perfect For:

  • Busy, working adults
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Beginners
  • People with lower body injuries/pain (including knees, feet, ankles, lower back etc.)
  • The overweight/morbidly obese
  • Children
  • Lunch Breaks
  • Hotel Stays
  • Athletic people looking to switch up their exercise routine

Daryl’s mission with both Lifestyle Fitness and Chair-A-Cise is to educate his clients about the appropriate intensity, duration, and frequency of physical activity to achieve an improved fitness level for their needs. The Chair-A-Cise DVD series conveniently brings the gym to the client—all that is needed is a chair and, depending on the desired level of intensity, one set of dumbbell weights.

Chair-A-Cise is different than any other workout you have ever participated in because you can go at your own pace and get a great workout, all while sitting in a chair. Chair-A-Cise provides an instructional, educational, and enjoyable workout experience helping you to reach your fitness goals; it is a realistic fitness option that you can work into your normal lifestyle and actually deliver RESULTS!

Note: Chair-A-Cise is appropriate for any age and almost any health condition. However, it is always important to check with your Doctor first before beginning any exercise program.

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