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Exercise Programs Included:
Chair-A-Cise: Beginners video, combines cardio and strengthABS: Core program for beginners
Chair-A-Cise 2: burn calories, heart rate up, metabolism highAB Blaster: Firm and tighten core
Cardio Conditioning: Endurance fat burning workoutTurbo: Fast paced total body workout
Extreme: Calorie burning, sweat drenching cardioStrength: Sculpt, tone without bulking
Power: Cardio moves with explosive intervalsCircuit: Intense exercise with short rest

Chair-A-Cise ($18.99)

Chair-A-Cise is an excellent total body exercise 32 minute DVD which allows you to reach your fitness goals while sitting in a chair. It’s the perfect combination of aerobics and strength training done simultaneously.

Chair-A-Cise Super Series ($39.99)

Chair-A-Cise Super Series includes Chair-A-Cise Cardio Conditioning, Chair-A-Cise Strength Training and Chair-A-Cise Circuit Training.

Chair-A-Cise Series ($39.99)

Chair-A-Cise Series includes Chair-A-Cise, Chair-A-Cise 2, Chair-A-Cise Abs and Chair-A-Cise Turbo.

Chair-A-Cise Elite Series ($39.99)

Includes Chair-A-Cise Cardio Abs, Chair-A-Cise Extreme and Cardio Power

Chair-A-Cise 90 Day Transformation Platinum Series

2 Payments option (You will be billed $39.95 +$10.95 shipping and handling =$50.90 today and $39.95 in 30 days from today ($90.85 total)

*Includes 10 exercise programs on 3 DVDs *Eating Plan* 3 Day Express and 6 Day Turbo Quick Weight Loss Plans* Workout Calendar

2 payment 90 day option
Number of payments 2
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At checkout $50.90 USD
Every 1 month (x 1) $39.95 USD
Total $90.85 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Chair-A-Cise 90 Day Transformation Platinum Series

Single Payment Option (79.90 + $10.95 shipping and handling= $90.85)

*Includes 10 exercise programs on 3 DVDs *Eating Plan* 3 Day Express and 6 Day Turbo Quick Weight Loss Plans* Workout Calendar

Chair-A-Cise Gift Certificate

Chair-A-Cise Gift Certificate – Give the gift of health with a “Chair-A-Cise Gift Certificate”. Allow your friends or relatives to choose from any of the Chair-A-Cise products or services. Maybe they would like a DVD, a series of DVDs or perhaps some Chair-A-Cise Skype personal training. Let them choose what’s right for them. Great for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers or Fathers Day, thank you gifts or just because (Printable Option).

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All of our Quick Weight Loss Programs (3 Day, 6 Day, and 90 Day Plans) combine exercise performed in a chair with a healthy eating plan for quick, safe weight loss while maintaining energy levels and keeping up your metabolism.

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