Chair-A-Cise is a series of fitness DVD's that give you the ability to lose weight, burn fat, tone, and improve your strength and cardio – all while sitting in a chair without risking serious injury or placing major stress on your lower joints, tendons and ligaments.

chair exercises - chair fitnessWith the guidance of certified personal trainer and Chair-A-Cise creator Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia guiding you, you can complete a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your own home.

Chair-A-Cise is an exercise program for everybody. That is because with Chair-A-Cise, everyone can work at their own pace. It is an exercise DVD that the entire family can do together and improve their health and fitness.

With Chair-A-Cise there are no more excuses for NOT exercising and improving your health – all you need is a chair and some optional weights and you are on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Don't just exercise… Chair-A-Cise! You, too can have a healthier body, without leaving your chair!

Skype Fitness Coaching & Consulting

I will create you a personalized Chair-A-Cise fitness program and give you the push to encourage and motivate you.

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Support Chairacise on #Kickstarter

Please help AND support Chairacise on Kickstarter in an effort to get our new commercials off the ground! Simply click on the link and pledge a donation. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  

Stepping Into My Power Interviews Daryl Madison of Chair-A-Cise

If you missed the show August 6th, we have it here for you now!  Daryl Madison, an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Lifestyle Fitness- an in-home personal training company was recently interviewed for Stepping Into My Power blog talk radio. Daryl has combined his near decade-long career in personal(…)

You Can Skip the Warm Up Before Exercising– Right?

Come on do you really have to warm up before starting your exercise program? The answer is not only yes but absolutely yes. This important part of  a weight loss program is often overlooked. Of course nobody wants to spend the extra 10 minutes warming up before beginning an exercise program you probably don’t want to do anyway so(…)

#1 Weight Loss Myth—— I Am Overweight Because Of My Genetics

Of course our makeup such as behaviors, mind and body come from our genetic history. No disputing it. It’s been scientifically proven and you can always do the common sense analysis (how many of us look and act like our parents, grandparents, etc.). However, when it comes to being overweight far to much credit is given(…)

High Intensity Chair Exercise Program (reduce injury, less stress on back, knees, feet)

You really want to lose weight and tone quickly but safely. Along with a great eating plan you need a high intensity cardio and strength exercise program which will burn fat and a large amount of calories. You have tried the high impact exercise DVDs and gym classes but quickly realized the constant jumping back and forth, bone jarring up(…)

Top 20 Exercise Excuses and Answers

As a personal trainer I have heard millions of reasons why people can’t exercise and lose weight. The most important thing about getting results is working out. You just have to do it. You can’t wish, hope or pray and expect quick weight loss to happen but you can wish, hope, pray and do. Here are(…)

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