Chair-A-Cise is a series of fitness DVD's that give you the ability to lose weight, burn fat, tone, and improve your strength and cardio – all while sitting in a chair without risking serious injury or placing major stress on your lower joints, tendons and ligaments.

chair exercises - chair fitnessWith the guidance of certified personal trainer and Chair-A-Cise creator Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia guiding you, you can complete a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your own home.

Chair-A-Cise is an exercise program for everybody. That is because with Chair-A-Cise, everyone can work at their own pace. It is an exercise DVD that the entire family can do together and improve their health and fitness.

With Chair-A-Cise there are no more excuses for NOT exercising and improving your health – all you need is a chair and some optional weights and you are on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Don't just exercise… Chair-A-Cise! You, too can have a healthier body, without leaving your chair!

Skype Fitness Coaching & Consulting

I will create you a personalized Chair-A-Cise fitness program and give you the push to encourage and motivate you.

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Latest News:

Exercise– Stop The BS & Just Get It Done

As a personal trainer for over 13 years I have heard every “excuse” why people didn’t complete their daily weight loss exercise program. Some were valid (my kids were sick, I worked late, I had to go to a funeral) and some were straight BS (I didn’t feel like it, I wanted some extra sleep).(…)

Intimidated by Intense Exercise Programs

Have you ordered a weight loss DVD and on the first day you tried it wondered what was I thinking I can’t do these exercises and now it’s in that “special place” with the other DVDs? When you signed up for the bootcamp class it sounded great exercising outdoors, fresh air, birds chirping, etc. but(…)

Exercising Consistently and No Weight Loss

Are you exercising to lose weight but remaining the same-putting in extra time in the gym, going walking, riding the elliptical and treadmill? Putting forth great effort but not getting results. If so the reason may be you need “guidance”, which is advice aimed at resolving a problem. If you close your eyes and attempted to make(…)

Confidence #1Benefit of Weight Loss

As a personal trainer the major difference I notice immediately in people I have trained is confidence when they begin losing weight. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder, model, personal trainer acting or looking shy and timid. Probably not. There is a certain amount of confidence or swag which comes with being in shape and healthy. If you(…)

Weight Loss, Health vs. Family, Friends

Your health certainly affects you but 1A is your family, friends and others who love and care about you. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your spouse, wife, kids, and parents if your preventable health condition caused a significant decrease in your quality of life or perhaps even death? If you just decided and committed(…)

Obese Quick Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Okay, lets be honest the quick weight loss infomercials/commercials are not for the obese. Usually they are targeted for people who are already in decent fitness shape or may need to lose 20-30 pounds. For the obese the” before” picture  on infomercials would be a great fitness goal. Realistically, jumping up and down, running side to side,(…)

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