Group PictureChair-A-Cise is a series of fitness DVD’s that give you the ability to lose weight, burn fat, tone, and improve your strength and cardio – all while sitting in a chair without risking serious injury or placing major stress on your lower joints, tendons and ligaments.

With the guidance of certified personal trainer and Chair-A-Cise creator Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia guiding you, you can complete a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your own home.

Chair-A-Cise is an exercise program for everybody. That is because with Chair-A-Cise, everyone can work at their own pace. It is an exercise DVD that the entire family can do together and improve their health and fitness.

With Chair-A-Cise there are no more excuses for NOT exercising and improving your health – all you need is a chair and some optional weights and you are on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Don’t just exercise… Chair-A-Cise! You, too can have a healthier body, without leaving your chair!


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